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Hits Buzz: Track Web Stats Automatically

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Web Stats Tracking Software Tutorial
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Web Stats Tracking Software  Instructions:

1. After you downloaded the Hit Buzz Application to your PC double click the application and start the installation proper.

2. After successfully installing the software, check the directory where the application decide, it could be in your C:\program files\hitbuzz or different depending on where you installed it.

3. Browse to the hit buzz folder, you will find 2 folders in there, the "mysqldb" and "hits".

4. Open the folder named "mysqldb" and you will see a SQL file that allows you to create the database in your server.

5. Browse to your cPanel or what web back end application your using, click the phpMyAdmin and create a database, name it with what ever you desire. After creating the MySQL database browse the newly created database.

6. Inside the database you will see a couple of menu's on the top, structure, SQL, Search, Query, Export, Import, Operations, Privileges and Drop.

7. The only thing you will concern your self with is the Import and Priveleges Menu, Click the import Menu.

8. Inside the Import Menu you will see the file import, click the browse button and click the SQL file inside the "mysqldb" folder in your Hit Buzz directory installation, wait to successfully create the database.

9. (Optional) You can also create a user specific to access the hitbuzz application, if you skip this part you can just use the default user name and password supplied by the MySQL Sever which is, username: root and just leave the password field empty.

10. Upload the php scripts contained in the "hits" folder in another folder in your server, in this process you will need your FTP access, you can get it in your web administration panel..e.g cPanel.

11. Run the Hitbuzz application, click the "settings" button on the upper left, supply the neccesary information that the Hitbuzz ask you, provide the Site URL: MYSQL host, Database, Database User and User Password.

12. Once you completed the settings a file called "config.php" and upload this to your server in the script folder, make sure you supply the right information or else you will get an error.

13. After the Step 12, click the "Prepare Web Pages" button, you can do of two things in here, number 1, the "browse" button lets you select a folder which contains the webpages that you want to prepare for the application to insert a line of code in it. Number 2, you can just copy the code below the "browse" button and paste it in your pages if the site has already been uploaded. Once new surfers arrive to each page, you can see the tracks in the tool.


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